Dorm Shopping: Three Things to Skip

  • Printer: It’s 2012, everyone! Almost all your papers and assignments will be submitted electronically, either via email or a service like Blackboard. Printers are huge money-suckers: even if you get a printer cheap or free, nothing clears out your wallet like having to buy a whole cartridge of ink at a convenience store midnight before a big paper is due. And that whole ream of paper you bought for a ten-page assignment? Waste of paper, and money! Print in the library. You probably have either a free print allowance or the school charges a per-page fee. It will be worth it.

Edit: Some of you say that your libraries charge one or two dollars a page to print: ouch! If you still want to save money printing, services like Kinkos usually cost 10 cents per page or less, if you’re printing a big assignment. Public libraries also usually have printers that cost 5 or 10 cents per page. Most academic departments usually offer a free printer that you can use to print your assignments, especially if you are in a very print-heavy major, like English. If you have many assignments that need to be printed, or think that a printer is a good investment: by all means, grab one! However, we just wanted to remind you that even if your printer is cheap, you’ll be pumping money into it all year.

  • DVD/Blu-ray Player: Most laptops come with an HDMI hookup. Get a TV that allows you to run an HDMI cord, and you’ll be able to play DVDs on your computer that run to the big screen. You can also stream Internet TV or movies this way as well.
  • Plates and silverware: Even though you might be eating snacks or soup in your dorm room, if you don’t have a kitchen, cleaning plate and silverware can be a pain. Opt for some paper plates or plastic silverware (eco-friendly, if you can) that you can just throw away when you’re finished. This may seem like a less cost-effective method, but believe me: nothing is worse than a dish of old macaroni and cheese that hasn’t been washed.

Anything else on these “dorm checklists” that needs a good crossing-out?

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  4. alittlecutealittlecreep answered: I love having a printer in my room and no my college dosen’t accept all assigments in digtal format!